While the majority of employers pay their Fiji National Provident Fund contributions on time, certain unscrupulous companies are still evading from paying their dues.

The FNPF has taken one hundred and eleven unscrupulous employers to court to recover the unpaid contributions.


Chief Financial Officer Pravinesh Singh says steps are being taken to ensure that dishonest employers are dealt with accordingly.

We are working with them. We are giving them time limits but we have also taken action against them. We have put them on the travel ban and we have also prosecuted some of them. But these are employers who are mostly in the construction industries, security industries who are not so reputable. So that’s why it is difficult for us to sometimes even find them.

Chief Executive Jaoji Koroi says they will be working with organizations to strengthen compliance.

Majority of the members contribution comes on time but there are few particularly in those industries that we want to work with, As you know it has been announced in the budget where all the construction workers should not be paid through cash by statement so that should help us in terms of compliance so those sort of initiatives will help members.

FNPF had earlier revealed that 74 employers were taken to court and the Fund recovered $1.7 million in outstanding contributions through legal proceedings last year.

Source: FBC

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