A total of 231 children have been withdrawn by the Ministry of Employment, from child labour environments in Fiji from last June till to date.

This was highlighted by the Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations Parveen Kumar during the World Day Against Child Labour celebrations.


Kumar says that they have returned these children to schools with some being admitted into technical training programs.

He acknowledged the support from stakeholders and strategic partners, partner Ministries in making this happen and ensure that we achieve their targets and give children the best possible environment to grow and develop.

Kumar stressed that the fight against child labour is a global one and people need to ensure that we work together to send children to schools so they can make their own dream a reality.

He says the Ministry has previously worked with strategic partners in signing an inter-agency guideline in December 2015 and they are also working towards a National Policy on Child Labour to ensure a collective approach towards eradicating child labour from society.

Source: FBC

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