Nine people have been injured, including a child who is in a critical condition, following a serious crash in Mt Eden, Auckland.

Emergency services were called to scene on Dominion Rd, near Milton Rd, shortly after 7.30pm today. Four cars were involved, one of which is so badly damaged the entire back half has gone.


A St John spokesman told the Herald two of the nine people, including a child, are critical. Three are moderately injured while the remaining four suffered minor injuries. Five of the patients have been transported to Auckland Hospital.

A witness to the crash described a small car waiting at a stop sign at the intersection of Milton and Dominion roads. “Another car, an older white car, came up very fast and smashed into the waiting car and pushed it out into the traffic. Both of those cars smashed into the cars on Dominion Rd.

“There was a terrible big blast, a smash, it’s very sad.” Another witness at the scene said there were lots of people hovering nearby the horrendous crash, some of whom are “bawling their eyes out”.

“Three cars ripped apart are still in the middle of the road and another is parked on the side of the road,” the witness said. A police spokeswoman said the Serious Crash Unit has been called and the road has been blocked off.

Drivers are advised to avoid the area.

Source: NZ Herald 

Featured image: Three cars were ripped to pieces after the crash in Mt Eden. Photo / Sam Sword

More to come.

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