Keshwin Nand is successful modern business women, managing three business outlets, more than 12 employees and a family of five. Beautiful outside and beautiful inside, a pioneer in beauty business and a friend for her children, employees and customers. Keshwin started her journey, after graduating from South Pacific Academy beauty therapy course as Best Student of the Year. Keshwin was working in a resort & spa business, when a holiday changed her life forever.

A two weeks’ vacation converted into a job offer and finding a new home in New Zealand. Though success didn’t come easy to her, she worked intensively hard to build her reputation in a new country, away from her home and family.


Keshwin had a moment of awakening which made her rethink the purpose of her life after working in other businesses for more than seven years that “IF SHE CAN DO IT FOR OTHERS, SHE CAN DO IT FOR HERSELF.”

Opening a business was a huge step, especially in Auckland, Keshwin reflects on her first day as disheartening.

Now that she has a broad customer base Auckland wide, she dedicates her success to her husband, gave his job in Air New Zealand and attend barber course to support family business.

Quoting Keshwin, “Built it all from scratch by putting Trust in her Instincts.” She proudly calls herself as a multitasker, a dedicated modern business women and homemaker.

Though she does wishes sometimes to have four hands to in assist her busy schedule, meanwhile she is training her daughter to be her successor.

Whom she describes as focused and on-point teenager she has ever met. Keshwin runs her businesses in Botany and Beachlands under the name of Xtreme Beauty and has exclusively shared with NZ Fiji Times about her plans of expansion in near future.

Pure Fiji facials with authentic products from Fiji are specials with Keshwin’s professional touch and The Russian Volume eyelash extensions, which is highly in demand but only a few beauty therapists offering it, Keshwin being one.

Keshwin is a perfect example of modern day business women who has paved her way to success through her hard work and belief in herself.

NZ Fiji Times applauds Keshwin’s reputation built upon her hard work.

-NZ Fiji Times

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