With a temperature of 36 degrees estimate in Christchurch today, occupants are being encouraged to keep hydrated and stay sun-keen, while and firemen have helicopters on backup.

North easterlies are carrying hot temperatures to the city with a high of 29C yesterday, and 32C conjecture for Wednesday.

The record January high for Christchurch was 35.9C in 1979.

Canterbury Medical Officer of Health Dr Ramon Pink said while the blistering climate is welcome, overheating is a condition that can be deadly.

“It’s particularly essential to avoid the sun where conceivable, evade outrageous actual effort and guarantee pets and individuals are not left alone in fixed vehicles.

“While we are largely helpless against hot temperatures, a few people are especially in danger. This incorporates the old, babies and kids, ladies who are pregnant, and individuals experiencing persistent, intense and serious ailment,” Dr Pink said.

Individuals ought to try not to go outside during the most smoking time, wear lightweight, baggy apparel and stay in shade whenever the situation allows, he said.

“It’s notable individuals presented to blistering climate for extensive stretches of time convey water with them and taste in any event a large portion of a liter 60 minutes, take into account more breaks in the shade, reapply sunscreen like clockwork and timetable the hardest work in the coolest piece of the day.

“Just as being sunsmart – slip, slop, slap and wrap on the off chance that you need to head outside, everybody is encouraged to keep their homes cool by shutting shades on windows getting immediate sun, opening windows to get a breeze if its cooler out than in, and think about utilizing the cool cycle on warmth siphons.”

Anybody unfit to cool their home could consider putting in a couple of hours in a cooled public structure like a library or shopping center.

Raised fire hazard

North Canterbury head provincial fire official Bruce Janes said the fire hazard was amazingly high with solid breezes anticipated today.

Recently five houses were emptied at Pines Beach after an enormous fire spread and came extremely close to the properties. Firemen yesterday said they were tossing significant assets at it while the breezes were positive, out of dread the present blasts could blow the fire further.

Another fire, in a chasm on Balmoral Hill likewise spread rapidly yesterday, and came quite close to houses, however firemen had the option to put it out during the evening.

Canterbury is in a limited fire season, where any outdoors fire needs a grant.

Janes said truly sweltering climate joined with solid breezes is a deadly blend.

“Individuals need to get out and look at their old consumes and over, in the event that you’ve had a major consume off over the most recent few months you need to get out, uncover it and over and immerse it.

“Until Thursday, when the downpour comes, individuals ought to keep away from any grass cutting and roughage making except if you are 100% certain the enclosure is away from stones.”

Janes said any positions that cause flashes, including welding or development, ought to be stayed away from.

“We will have three helicopters on quick backup so they are prepared to lift straight away, so yes the degree of alarm is particularly increased.

“We examine the climate and over once more, and we truly center around the breeze strength and mugginess,” he said.

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