A Nadi couple will just send two of their four youngsters to class tomorrow as they battle to purchase school things because of COVID-19.

Previous lodging laborer, Naomi Senitetevo, says with her better half additionally on diminished compensation, it hasn’t been simple as they attempt and work out an approach to send four of their children to class.

Senitetevo says they have been selling food at the VotCity Flea Market for at around seven months, notwithstanding, they actually don’t acquire enough.

“At the present time we just can stand to purchase for two of the auxiliary school children and we haven’t finished at this point and we are endeavoring to finish their school prerequisite.”

Senitetvo, matured 41 says they have forfeited a couple of things since a year ago to endure.

“Before we had the option to purchase everything in the house however during this emergency, we have been eliminating things. Food whatever we have and whatever is reasonable that we can purchase.”

The difficulty she shared are only a glimpse of something larger of what numerous guardians are looking in Nadi since COVID-19 hit the world a year ago.

-FBC news
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