A weird metal stone monument has been found in the Utah desert by a helicopter group, leaving nearby specialists astounded.

Untamed life authorities detected the “strange” object while including sheep during a flyover in a far off south-eastern region of the US state.

They said the structure had been planted in the ground between red stone.

There was no sign who introduced the stone monument, which was around 10 to 12ft (3.6m) tall.

In a meeting with nearby news channel KSLTV, the helicopter pilot, Bret Hutchings, stated: “That has been about the weirdest thing that I’ve gone over out there in the entirety of my long stretches of flying.”Mr Hutchings said a researcher including huge horn sheep in the helicopter was the first to recognize the structure from the sky.

“He resembled, ‘Hold up, hold up, hold up, pivot, pivot!’. What’s more, I resembled, ‘What?’. Also, he resembles, ‘There’s this thing back there – we must go gander at it!’,” Mr Hutchings said.

Mr Hutchings hypothesized that the stone monument may have been introduced by “some new wave craftsman”, or an enthusiast of 2001: A Space Odyssey, the 1968 movie coordinated by Stanley Kubrick.

Forcing dark stone monuments made by a concealed outsider species show up in the film, in light of the composition of author Arthur C Clarke.

of the rectangular-molded metal article in a news discharge a week ago.

It said specialists would decide whether “they have to explore further”.

“It is illicit to introduce structures or workmanship without authorisation on governmentally oversaw public grounds, regardless of what planet you’re from,” the division said.

The division has not uncovered the specific area of the stone monument, dreading travelers may attempt to search it out and “become abandoned”. The enormous horn sheep natural life authorities were checking are local to numerous pieces of southern Utah, where the landscape is rough.

So far, nobody has guaranteed obligation regarding introducing the structure.

Searching for answers, Utah’s expressway watch gone to web-based media, writing in a post on Instagram: “Asking minds need to know, what the hell right? Anybody?”

Most eyewitnesses assumed it was an establishment left by a stone carver, with some expression it looked like crafted by late moderate craftsman John McCracken.

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