Clergyman for Education, Rosy Akbar will meet with heads of government life experience schools from around the nation today.

The gathering plans to attempt to resolve issues in regards to tormenting.

Talking in Bua yesterday, Akbar featured there has been an expansion in harassing cases, particularly in life experience schools.

As per the Education Minister, a few heads of life experience schools she talked with have uncovered that tormenting has consistently been profoundly established in the framework.

Be that as it may, she says, with the way it’s coming out now, genuine measures must be taken.

Akbar says they need to talk and examine why this is going on and how it very well may be settled.

“Harassing in blocking schools that is coming. It is anything but another issue however now increasingly detailing is occurring. We need to ensure that no youngster or educator exacts discipline on the other kid – some intense instances of tormenting.”

The Education Minister says she will likewise meet with old researchers of the individual life experience schools just as the guardians and instructors relationship as they are additionally intensely occupied with the educational system.

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