Caught with associates in the cafeteria of the pancaked PGC working after the February 22, 2011 tremor, she was sure she would kick the bucket as she was stuck under a steel bar, upheld simply by a shaky office seat.

She owes her life to the activities of Michael Harford, an ”regular saint” who boldly crept into the destruction to save seven individuals that day.

10 years has passed. Kimber-Bell has accomplished her centerfold model dreams, hitched the adoration for her life, Sam, purchased a house and five months prior had her first kid, Zooey. Notwithstanding, it doesn’t feel ”like any time whatsoever” since the tremor occurred.

She effectively commends the magnificence of life consistently.

”I got another opportunity at life, and I am thankful for that,” she said.

“Rather than intuition I can’t accomplish something inspired by a paranoid fear of someone’s opinion or on the off chance that I don’t have the right stuff, presently I am an outrageous yes individual. I will take on each challenge.”

Consistently we settle on little decisions, she said, which appear to be irrelevant however after a brush with death seem to fill a more noteworthy need.

”My life might have changed or finished that day in the event that a certain something or decision had been unique. I actually consider that a ton,” she said.

”10 individuals from my work died. I could so effectively have been one of them. My supervisor died, and I was addressing her two seconds before it occurred… Simply standing up and saying ‘I’m going for lunch’ made a huge difference for me.”

Harford has become a dear companion.

”We talk at whatever point there is an achievement, similar to when he had his child Phoenix or a quake commemoration,” Kimber-Bell said.

“We give each other consolation, I stay in contact with his mum.

‘At the point when I was picking infant names for my kid, I didn’t need to consider everything in the event that I had a kid, he would have been named after Michael, yet I had a young lady, so the name should keep.”

Living with survivor’s blame had been troublesome, she said.

”I had intense PTSD. There’s such a disgrace around psychological sickness and prescription and seeing an advisor. I needed to say really this is the thing that will help me.”

”I needed to make my daily routine worth experiencing… Individuals lost their lives and I wasn’t one of them … the memory of them is helping push me forward, it’s simply having that importance. You are utilizing their memory to push you forward.”

After the tremor, she moved to Hamilton and began another life, however she was unable to escape ”commemoration injury”.

”It begins in January… At the point when the commemoration passes, after seven days I’m back to myself.”

Her body tag is incorporated as a component of a forthcoming TV show and a display in April.

”It is defying. I kept it in one of my moving boxes from when I left Christchurch. I have my tag, my iPod from the day, all that emerged from the structure.”

Returning to Christchurch for the tenth commemoration remembrance with infant Zooey ”feels right”.

”It truly doesn’t feel like 10 years to me. At the point when individuals begin discussing it, [it feels] practically overpowering in itself. Down south everybody gets it. There’s a common bond as a result of that day. I need Zooey to be important for that achievement remembrance.”

While in Christchurch, she’ll invest energy with previous associates.

”It’s so difficult to consider what has occurred. One of them is in a wheelchair… We will invest some energy pondering life from that point forward. We are all in almost the same situation, we feel lucky to be here,” she said.

”You never lose that bond.”

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