Google’s whole web presence in Argentina was a week ago momentarily diverted to the site of a 30-year-old architect who purchased the organization’s space name for just £2.

Nicolas Kuroña, an inhabitant of Buenos Aires, says he saw that the organization’s administrations were down when he started accepting messages from companions on WhatsApp. Yet rather than doing what many would have, and shrugging prior to getting back to work – or accepting the blackout as a sign to have a coffee break – he went to the Argentinian area name vault, NIC Argentina, to check whether he could work out the reason.

There, he says, a quest for Google’s URL,, uncovered that the area name was accessible at the minimal effort of 270 pesos – £2.09.

“The area lapsed, I had the option to get it legitimately,” he tweeted that evening, as other Argentine web clients started to detect his name on the new records. “I have the buy receipt, so I’m quiet.”

“At the point when the buy cycle was finished and my information showed up, I realized that something planned to occur … I was truly restless,” he told the BBC later. “I was unable to accept what had simply occurred.”

“I need to clarify that I never had any awful expectations,” he added. “I just attempted to get it and the NIC permitted me to.”

“Space hunching down”, the act of purchasing up area names for reasons unknown other than their attractive quality to other people, is a genuinely normal practice, and numerous nations have set up strategies to guarantee that the legitimate proprietor of the space name can guarantee it free of charge. In any case, the Argentinian case is surprising, since Google’s area name shouldn’t have been available to be purchased by any stretch of the imagination: its permit was not due to lapse until July this year.

All things considered, Kuroña hasn’t had the option to keep the space name he momentarily held. It was moved back to Google’s control soon after he enrolled it – with no discount of the 270 peso charge.

Google has been reached for input.

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