Acting Police Commissioner, Rusiate Tudravu, claims while cops are being considered responsible, those outside of the power are impacting these officials.

He says this has seen the power reinforce security around show rooms.

A case must be stopped a month ago after multiple kilograms of cocaine disappeared from the Namaka Police station.

Tudravu says Police officials have been cautioned that things made sure about in display rooms are not to be contacted.

“Our inward examination has been done to see the cycle and the framework on the keeping. We have quantifies set up particularly on hard medications, where they are set”.

Tudravu says they are presently looking for officials who eliminate shows for individual increase.

“Our cycle is that we send them on leave. On the off chance that you have leave go on leave after your leave examination is as yet progressing, I choose. Half compensation, No compensation, relies upon the level of the offense that has been submitted”.

Two cops stay on leave forthcoming examination for the Namaka case.

-FBC News
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