The parents of the three girls killed in a house fire on Friday night have been given a $1,000 cheque from government under its Fire Victim’s Relief Fund.

Karuna Devi and Rajesh Kumar also lost all their belongings in the tragic fire incident.

Along with the cheque, the Assistant Minister for Social Welfare Veena Bhatnagar, also handed over some clothes and personal donation.

Bhatnagar says the money is to help the family with their basic needs.

“All in all, the government is trying to support the family, the Ministry will assist in any possible way we can. This is just a small token of $1,000 to provide for the immediate needs of the family as you know the family lost everything in the fire and above all lost their loved once.”

Bhatnagar was also part of the funeral for the three girls and also visited 11 year-old fire survivor Rishab Kumar in hospital.


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