FIJI NEWS: 6594 cases of bullying recorded in schools


A gigantic 6594 instances of harassing were recorded in schools around the nation a year ago alone.

This has hit hard and for certain guardians, they state it’s a period for reflection as everything starts at home.

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Father of five, Amania Uluiviti says it’s regarding time guardians re-take a gander at how they converse with their youngsters.

“In the event that you are moving toward your kids in a vicious manner, at that point they can likewise do it by tormenting other youngsters particularly in all-inclusive schools so be cautious about how you converse with your kids at home.”

For Tivoli Veikauyaki, he says it’s the duty of guardians and instructors to get things right.

“I am a parent and everything relies upon us, what we showed them and furthermore when my youngsters go to class, as a parent I anticipate the instructors, and the consuls the take great consideration of them.”

For Parent Sera Matai, she says the negative impacts of web-based social networking are clear.

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“A portion of the kids would prefer not to go to class and they have an explanation and a few guardians are simply constraining them to go to class. They ought to have the opportunity to converse with their youngsters, the entire issue here is that most guardians are full time on Facebook and don’t have the opportunity to manage these issues.”

Psychotherapist Sera Kuruleca says it’s the ideal opportunity for an all-encompassing way to deal with address the issue.

“In all schools we should be seeing it, checking on it and getting our folks on board on the grounds that clearly this conduct is found out from someplace and the way that individuals have not just dedicated this conduct or attacked another person yet they’ve likewise shot it, they clearly feel that something they are doing is correct.”

Suva schools recorded 1280 instances of tormenting in Primary and Secondary Schools a year ago while Nausori schools have the second most elevated with 1260 cases followed by Cakaudrove schools with 1052 cases.

Tormenting made up 24 percent of the all-out instances of brutality in schools a year ago.

Source - NZ Fiji Times
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