Another 49 individuals were captured for breaking the time limit from 10 o’clock the previous evening to 5 o’clock early today all through Fiji.

There were 18 captures in the Western Division, 12 in the Southern Division, 10 in the Eastern Division, 5 in the North and 4 in the Central Division.

Police Commissioner Sitiveni Qiliho says larger part of those captured were found lingering out in the open spots while some kept on moving around with no legitimate documentation of approval from their bosses.

There were additionally 68 individuals that were captured yesterday.

Individuals that don’t follow the 10pm-5am every day time limitation can look as long as 2 years detainment on the off chance that they are indicted for Disobedience for Lawful Order.

Under Section 202 of the Crimes Act, everybody who resists any request, warrant or order properly made, gave or given by any court, official or individual acting in any open limit and appropriately approved for that benefit, carries out a rundown offense.

The punishment is detainment for a long time, except if some other punishment or method of continuing is explicitly recommended by law in regard of such noncompliance.

Image source - fiji police force
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