The Department of Social Welfare says on the off chance that you can help an individual in need kindly do as such anyway check their cases as there are road savvy individuals out there who realize how to get to the hearts of the individuals and exploit the present circumstance.

While there are authentic cases on the ground, Director Rupeni Fatiaki has likewise featured instances of a man being dropped off each morning to ask in the city and afterward got each evening by his child, individuals possessing properties anyway as yet asking in the city, adolescents and grown-ups asking to get cash for drugs and those individuals who have family members who can take care of them anyway they like to remain on the streets.Many individuals have additionally begun utilizing kids to move around with them to request cash.


Individuals are approached to confirm these cases.

He says the veritable individuals additionally need to escape destitution and would prefer not to sit on the lanes for their entire lives.

The poor people are classified as expert bums, simple-minded cases, social government assistance beneficiaries, youngster hobos, the destitute, and low maintenance homeless people who move around during significant occasions.

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Image source - Fiji village
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