Fiji has approached New Zealand and American governments for help to repatriate Fijian nationals from China.

Acting Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Yogesh Karan says talks have been in progress to attempt to bring these Fijians home in the wake of the lethal Coronavirus episode.

“Since the issues are getting them out from that point so that is actually the issue since China isn’t permitting them out from that suburb except if there’s a transporter you know, so have been conversing with the US and the New Zealand government.”

Karan says in excess of 160 Fijians are still in China.

In the interim, with no affirmed instances of the infection in Fiji yet, Health Minister Dr. Ifereimi Waqainabete says they are attempting to guarantee this reality remains.

“We have the wellbeing warning that goes out to the general population. We likewise have we call the wellbeing laborer warning so the wellbeing specialist warning, we issue it consistently to our wellbeing laborers which fundamentally says this is the thing that the CORVID-19 is appearing from a week ago, this is the way it’s carrying on, this is what’s going on and this is the manner by which we will react.”

Fijians are presently being encouraged to forgo going to four restricted nations on the movement list which incorporates China, Iran, Italy and two urban areas in South Korea.

Source - NZ Fiji Times
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