The Fiji Bureau of Statistics says Fiji’s profit from the travel industry show the spending of our global guests.

The figure is gotten from an expected normal day by day spend of guests or routine set of expenses and the all out guest days in Fiji.

A reduction of 99.2% was noted in Fiji’s income from the travel industry over the June quarter of 2019.

The income for the June 2020 quarter remained at $4.2 million while the 2019 June quarter the travel industry procuring was $528.8 million.

The temporary guest appearances number of the March 2020 quarter for Fiji was 139,701 while the temporary appearances for the June 2020 quarter remained at 1,800.

The authority likewise says because of COVID-19 and the impact of it on business activity the study reaction rate for the June quarter was 61%, 45 of the organizations reacted out of the complete 74.

The review gathers information on costs from inns and resorts for the assessment of the routine set of expenses figure from prior periods.

Altered by NZ Fiji Times

Image source - Fiji Village
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