The Lautoka lockdown has been stretched out up until in any event Tuesday 5am as Government needs to guarantee there are no COVID-19 cases are left undetected.

The 14-day lockdown period for the Sugar City was to end tomorrow, yet Minister for Health and Medical Services, Doctor Ifereimi Waqanibete, says they need to get the all-reasonable previously permitting developments in and out.


He says while there has been no new cases recorded in Fiji for the most recent week, their principle concern is that four out of the five cases are from Lautoka.

The Minister saying the last case from Lautoka, who was the Zumba class individual from the primary patient, and there are fears that she may have been in contact with somebody, who has not up ’til now been tried or demonstrated indications.

“In any case, there is as yet a hazard she could have tainted others. Truly it’s a little hazard however it’s a hazard we can’t stand to take. On the off chance that we lift the limitations too soon and on the off chance that we’ve missed one individual in Lautoka who has gotten the infection, the remainder of Viti Levu would be in danger.”

Specialist Waqanibete says a great many people in the Lautoka limited region have spoken about the lockdown as a hard time in their lives, however this should have been accomplished for the wellbeing of all.

“In any case, breathe easy because of realizing that these extreme choices we are making could save us tremendous future torment. Nobody needs to see an enormous scope flare-up of this infection in Fiji, that implies making hard calls today, that keeps this infection under control.”

The Minister likewise says there are negating accounts in the principal patient’s explanations that should have been completely confirmed.

“Our examinations uncover genuine holes in the record gave by the main patient about when his side effects really started. It’s unmistakable, we can’t believe all that he has said. Despite the fact that we have now effectively represented all his known gets in touch with, it in the country’s wellbeing that we as a whole go about as though however there are still a few cases in the regions holding on to be distinguished and even in the encompassing territories, for example, Nadi.”

Specialist Waqanibete says they have so far done an aggregate of 368 tests, with 11 embraced on Tuesday night, which were all negative.


Image Source - fbcnews
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