The Commissioner of Police Sitiveni Qiliho has directed the Police Special Response Unit Training team to revisit the four divisions and conduct refresher training on the use of pepper sprays and other standard equipment.

He has also directed the Divisional Police Commanders to be aware of the red zones and beef up manpower where necessary.

He says based on past trends during the Festive season they need to look at their deployment and strategies and also brief officers on what they need to prepare themselves for as they anticipate an increase in alcohol-related incidents this festive season.

He says this is part and parcel of the work they have to face and it won’t be smooth sailing all the time and there will be unexpected situations that they need to learn from and improve on.

Qiliho stresses that they will not be caught up in the emotions of what has taken place but take each day at a time and continue to serve their communities in a professional manner and to the best of their abilities.

Source - Fijivillage
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