A group of the suspended Social Democratic Liberal Party is accepted to be in converses with structure a split away gathering.

FBC News comprehends this gathering is comprised of most individuals from suspended SODELPA who are not satisfied with new arrangements made by the Management Board.

The division prompted an open presentation of pressures throughout the end of the week as Sitiveni Rabuka boycotted the administration executive gathering since three agents of the suspended SODELPA council were not permitted into the gathering.

Rabuka has affirmed to FBC News that specific components inside this group host spoken about framing a get-together.

“There are discussions about that however the coherent thing is for us to cross that connect when we get to it. Right now there are no immediate talks of shaping another gathering, which right now is untimely to discuss and less than ideal.”

Rabuka likewise affirms that these suspended gathering individuals met at his home in Suva in the wake of leaving the Management Board meeting.

Anyway he denies this was a group meeting saying they just lounged around and drank kava.

Altered by NZ Fiji Times

Image source - FBC News
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