Regardless of difficulties presented by COVID-19, the Beqa Lagoon Resort is attempting to hold its more than one hundred staff.

Reservations Clerk, Vasiti Ratulevu says none of the staff have lost their employment anyway are dealing with decreased hours.

Ratulevu says they’re dealing with a rotational premise and labor for four hours per week.

She includes that while the pandemic has had an unfriendly impact, it has additionally been an expectation to absorb information.

“I think COVID has been a major learning experience for us since it has got us back to planting, cultivating so a large portion of the towns have returned and begun cultivating, planting and angling. So we have been lucky that we have the land and we have the ocean so we have been cultivating and angling.”

The Beqa Lagoon Resort is well known for shark plunging and Ratulevu says they were completely reserved until 2022.

She trusts they will have the option to hold all the appointments when the outskirts open up once more.

The hotel has begun to suit neighborhood guests to pad the impacts of the pandemic.

Altered by NZ Fiji Times

Image source - Fiji Village
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