The Permanent Secretary for Health Dr James Fong has focused on that they will just offer passes to move all through a control zone for crisis cases like clinical reasons or memorial services.

Various individuals arranged at the Ministry of Health Headquarters today to get passes to move all through a control zone.

Dr Fong has clarified that they possess given sufficient energy for individuals to move to their homes.

The Permanent Secretary says everybody has had abundant opportunity to get back to where they live and they don’t expect public vehicles like taxicabs and transports to cross control territory borders.

Dr Fong says a rundown of dialysis patients is likewise at the line with the police, notwithstanding, they firmly urge these patients to enter and remain inside the lockdown for the following 14 days.

He adds the trading of food and medication supply can be worked with at the line gave conveyance courses of action are coordinated by the mentioning party.

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