There are fears that Papua New Guinea’s COVID-19 emergency is being blamed so as to complete magic allegation savagery as the quantity of Covid cases climb.

The complete number of cases has now passed 7400, while six passings were recorded in the previous 24 hours.

The ABC reports that promoters have raised their anxiety after the National paper said that a 45-year elderly person and girl were blamed for witchcraft and tormented by their parents in law after her better half passed on from COVID-19.

Specialist Dr Fiona Hukula said individuals were unfortunate over unexplained passings and there’s an absence of data about COVID-19.

She said pioneers locally and at the public level should do their part to dissipate COVID-19 deception.

Dr Hukula, who is a promoter and campaigner against witchcraft viciousness said there should be basic reflection on stories that fault ladies.

Fijivillage stresses that COVID-19 has nothing to do with magic.

If it’s not too much trouble, register for the immunization and get inoculated.

Image Source - Fiji Village
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