While sexual brutality against ladies and young ladies stays a genuine concern, an assault examination completed by the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement uncovers that the age of the culprits and the casualties are getting more youthful and more youthful.

Out of the 81 instances of assault chose in the High Courts around the country a year ago, the age of the most youthful blamed was fourteen years while the most established was 78 years of age.

In four out of the 81 cases, the complainant was an individual with an incapacity.

Fiji Women’s Rights Movement Director Nalini Singh says these are upsetting figures.

“Normal age of the casualty survivor is around 14 years, the most youthful casualty survivor was three years and the most established casualty survivor was 83 years and reports in 63 percent of the cases, the casualty knew the culprit”.

Singh says there is an overall agreement that more earnestness is required from everybody to address the issue.

“Such instances of savagery against ladies and youngsters are encouraging in a climate where sexual orientation correspondence, where ladies and young ladies are not seen as equivalent. We see male centric thoughts of what ladies and young ladies place is the general public”.

The FWRM Director says change needs to happen all over the place, from the public level to inside our families, homes, schools, chapels and on the roads on the grounds that the culprits are not outsiders, they are from our networks.

-FBC News
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