The Consumer Council of Fiji is asking Fijians to purchase the Anti-lock Breaking System collector from trustworthy organizations to be qualified for looking for review if it’s harmed.

CEO, Seema Shandil, says various grievances have been gotten where Fijians spend nearly $2,000 for the ABS gatherer that doesn’t keep going for a day.

Shandil says the greater part of the grievances got are against those promoting and selling via online media.

“This is for the most part happening to those buyers who buy the thing from those that live from Narere to Nakasi however work their business through an online stage. It’s difficult to get a review in light of the fact that their private location isn’t accessible.”

The Council CEO says they got 29 objections against dealers selling ABS collector a year ago.

Shoppers are being asked to be mindful when purchasing things promoted on the web.

-FB CNews
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