A spouse is encouraging Fijians to approach and help his significant other who is experiencing cerebrum tumor and necessities to go to India for dire clinical help.

Filipe Corerega says his significant other Meri was determined to have a cerebrum tumor in 2014 and figured out how to go through a medical procedure in 2015.

Corerega says she started encountering rehashed epileptic scenes going from two to four times each day a year ago and was seen by a neurosurgeon who recommended another drug to stifle it.

He says all was well until a week ago when she started encountering momentary cognitive decline, discourse troubles and has likewise begun to confront trouble with her portability.

Corerega says she has been prescribed by a specialist to go through cerebrum medical procedure yet it must be done abroad.

He says their absolute clinical and voyaging cost will be near $25,000 and they have gathered around $3,000 up until this point.

You can give assets to this noble purpose through Filipe Corerega’s BSP ledger number 80412920 or call him on 9520188.

-Fiji Village
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