Fluctuation in international prices leads to lower fuel prices | NZ FIJI TIMES


Update: 7:45 am – From Sunday kerosene drops 5 cents to $1.31 a litre and premix will decrease from $1.80 to $1.73.

The price of petrol decreases from $1.95 to $1.90 a litre, while diesel will go down from $1.60 to $1.53

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A 4.5kg cylinder of gas will cost $12.67.

The 12kg cylinder will drop about 4 dollars to $33.78

The new price for bulk will be $2.39

Autogas price will go down from $1.77 to $1.59.

Minister for Trade Faiyaz Koya says the price changes in Fuel and LPG is a direct impact of world market prices which Fiji is influenced by.


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