The government can’t prevent any lawful leaseholder from utilizing their property for capacity purposes.

Lasting Secretary for Environment Joshua Wycliffe offered the remarks after business houses in the Laucala Beach Industrial Areas in Suva raised worries on a proposed Asphalt Plant Project.

The worries were raised during the subsequent public survey meeting yesterday on the proposed project by Higgins Fiji Limited within the sight of Ministry of Environment authorities.

The candidates are worried that the gear for the proposed project is now sitting at the site while the Environment Impact Assessment is as yet being done.

Wycliffe explains the organization has rented the site and the hardware is as yet in bundling.

“There are different cases and situations in Fiji, where I can give models where plants were raised and worked. We indicted them, arraigned them, and even got them fines. So there will be no laps as far as activity. We won’t permit that.”

The concerned applicants state while they don’t contradict the venture by the organization, they think the picked site isn’t fitting.

-FBC news
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