Updated: 7:37am – Methamphetamine has become a real concern now as more raids and discoveries continue to take place in Fiji.

More than $7 million worth of methamphetamine was intercepted by the Fiji Police Force last year and this is really concerning Police Commissioner Sitiveni Qiliho as it is now clear that more people are getting trapped in this highly addictive, brain eating and life-ending drug.

In an interview with Fijivillage, Qiliho stresses that methamphetamine is not just a high-end drug in our country.

The latest discovery of methamphetamine was over the weekend where two men and a woman were taken in for questioning at Walu Bay.

Qiliho says it is obvious that violent crimes are also associated with methamphetamine.

Serious concerns are also being raised that methamphetamine is now readily available and Police are calling on people to contact them if they have any information to fight this deadly drug.

Methamphetamine is extremely addictive and many people are uninformed of the dangers and addictive potential of the drug and are more likely to try it despite the severe consequences of developing an addiction.

Addiction and its use is particularly dangerous as it is associated with drug-induced psychosis, violence, and erratic behaviour. Meth does not allow people to sleep, so users are often awake for several days at a time and lose touch with reality.

Experts say many people initially use methamphetamine when under the influence of alcohol when their natural fear of the drug is inhibited – but just one time can be enough to start the roller coaster ride of addiction.

Meanwhile, Australia had already said 3 years ago that across Australia, officials are talking about soaring rates of meth addiction, warning that levels of meth use have reached pandemic proportions. Crystal methamphetamine or “ice” is already ravaging Australia’s communities at every level and has officials and residents alike worried about what can be done.

-Fiji Village

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