A Te Ānau specialist depicted seeing vehicles “moving around in the carpark” when an extent 6 seismic tremor struck the lower South Island at the beginning of today.

The moderate tremor – focused 40km west of Milford Sound in Fiordland at a profundity of 5km at 10.20am – was broadly felt over the South Island and into the lower North Island.

Te Ānau Helicopters representative Helen Archer said she and another laborer at the site were all the while feeling “ocean wiped out” after what felt like a 20 to 30-second quake.

“We unquestionably felt it. We have vehicles out the front here and they were simply moving around in the carpark there.

“It was simply rolling. Both of us here feel a piece vehicle debilitated or ocean wiped out still.”

Bowman said there were around six vehicles in the carpark and they were completely observed “shaking side to side” outside when the tremor hit.

“It was anything but a fierce tremor. It was simply shaking.

“We’re most likely sort of used to quakes down here, yet it was simply moving for quite a while. It simply continued onward we’re despite everything feeling a piece yuk.”

Occupants of Queenstown, Wanaka, and Dunedin additionally all announcing feeling solid shaking.

A 4.2 size consequential convulsion struck at 10.25am – 25km west of Milford Sound at a profundity of 8km.

Various occupants in Queenstown felt it and said there was a thundering for around 15 seconds, the ODT says.

One Dunedin mortgage holder told the Herald she felt a short shaking movement, enduring just a couple of moments, while a Wanaka inhabitant said her windows shook.

Southland District delegate city hall leader Ebel Kremer lives in Te Ānau yet didn’t feel it – he was working his digger at that point.

He’d gotten a whirlwind of instant messages from numerous who did, who remarked “gracious what a beautie” and “did you feel that one?!”

Caltex Te Ānau proprietor Stephen Stock portrayed the shudder as “a treat”.

“We just felt the huge move come directly through.”

He said his need was getting all the staff outside.

He evaluated it went on for around five to eight seconds.

A representative for Fire and Emergency NZ southern correspondences place said they hadn’t yet gotten any calls or reports of harm in the region.

A few occupants of the lower North Island likewise felt the shake.

Altered by NZ Fiji times

Image source - volcanodiscovery
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