No affirmed case is no justification festivity.

The admonition comes after 1, 212 tests and 7, 560 local area screenings no new instances of COVID-19 has been recorded by the Ministry of Health just now.

Perpetual Secretary for Health, Dr James Fong says this doesn’t imply that there is no case out there, it simply implies none had been distinguished inside the most recent 24 hours.

“We are sure that there are cases that will create. Worryingly that an unsubstantiated instance of the infection has effectively formed into an exceptionally infectious sickness. Our greatest dread right presently is that somebody with side effects has not answered to the screening facility or called 158.”

Dr Fong says this infection shows up in waves.

He adds one day of no cases ought not trick individuals to imagine that this tempest is finished.

The Permanent Secretary says Fijians ought not allow their gatekeeper to down as the threat isn’t finished.

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