NZ Fiji Times Business Awards: Vision of Alis’


Masi and Rezwana Ali are no strangers to the Fijian Community of New Zealand. They are in the business of keeping the Kiwi Fijian informed, entertained and engaged Masi was a school teacher in Fiji teaching at Suva Muslim School while Rezwana is health professional at counties.

Upon reaching the shores of New Zealand they identified an information gap which existed in The Kiwi Fijian community. The Fijian Community had no community newspaper which was a representation of the Fijian Voice in Aotearoa. This gave birth to the Vision of the Alis to found and run a premium newspaper which was a representation of the unique Kiwi Fijian Voice.

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Five years onward the newspaper has grown strength to strength which has led to Masi and Rezwana diversify their business further. NZ Fiji Times is a part of Zealand Group of companies with four businesses operating under the banner.

  1. NZ Fiji Times – The voice of Fiji in Aotearoa.
  2. Zealand Print – Your professional printing house
  3. PageNZ – New Zealand online Business Directory
  4. Kiwi Web House – Getting your message to the world

Early this year the NZ Fiji Times hosted for the first time local business awards which were aimed at recognizing the hard work of the local business community in 2018. The success of this event and the vast networking opportunity it presented resulted in the company hosting another event in the same year to award businesses that thrived in 2019.

The Alis now have their eyes set on greater involvement in Fiji. They have registered a business in Fiji, where Fijian businesses can make payment in Fijian currency into the local account of NZ Fiji Times in Fiji to advertise their business in Fiji. This means that all agreements made in Fiji will be under Fiji Law. This Venture will be a huge opportunity for small to large enterprises to get a share of the huge influx of Kiwi Fijians returning home for a visit. Additionally, in the 2020 NZ Fiji times Business awards there will be a separate category of awards for Fijian based business and should there be considerable interest the plan is to host two awards one in NZ for NZ businesses and the other in Fiji for Fijian Businesses. Also, as part of the growth plan, NZ Fiji times will from next month onwards print two issues a month instead of one.

Masi Ali said; “Our hard work has won us long-standing association with our family of business clients who consistently choose to advertise with us and we share a strong relationship built on trust, faith and excellent creative services. Building on this faith we think going fortnightly is the next step in our journey” NZ Fiji Times is 100% Kiwi owned and operated and it has been in publication since 20th June 2014 and Times is the only Fiji Community Newspaper in New Zealand.

-NZ Fiji Times

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