NZ NEWS | Police have reported an altercation involving missing man Ronny Okeke on the day he was last seen

Ronny Okeke missing for 47 days. Photo: Supplied / Police

Police are searching two properties and examining two vehicles in search of Ronny Okeke, who was last seen 47 days before. They have spoken to a person of interest and have information that an altercation occurred between the man and Ronny on or around 27 April.

The severity of any injuries is still unknown. Two search warrants were conducted at Mt Eden and Ramarama addresses in late May. Police have also examined two vehicles of interest and are conducting forensic testing on several samples and items.

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Since his last sighting, Ronny’s whereabouts have remained a mystery, and no arrests have been made. The investigation team has recovered Okeke’s mobile phone and is diligently working to interrogate it and extract all relevant information. Despite the dropped charges, the police are still eager to hear from anyone with information about the events of 27 April or who has seen Okeke.

Police can be contacted at 105 or online using ‘Update My Report.’ The file number is 240501/3879.

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