Chief Edwin Chand says they have reviewed the streets and the solitary course not cleared is from Seaqaqa to Labasa.

Chand says the Fiji Roads Authority is chipping away at clearing an elective course through the Naduri Coastal Road.

Excursions from Bua and Seqaqa territory will redirect through Naduri Coastal Road to Labasa.

These incorporate administrations from Nakorovou, Daria, Nasolo, Driti, Vatubogi, Naviqiri, Banikea, Dreketi, Seqaqa and Tabia.

Chand says they additionally envision that the floods at Soasoa and Lagalaga will retreat and ordinary tasks can start.

These incorporate administrations to Lagalaga, Visqo, Vanuavou, Sese, Vatukuca, Qaranivai, Coqeloa, Mateniwai, Raranikawai, Taganikula and Malau.

-FBC News
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