The new Leader is Viliame Gavoka and his representative is legal advisor, Filimoni Vosarogo.

Following a few cases that the cycle had penetrated the SGA and Management Board goals, Ratu Epenisa says the Board made the arrangements through a serious straightforward and broadly perceived cycle.

He says it was the Management Board who endorsed for the meeting to be moved to an outer HR Recruitment organization for this situation it was the Pacific People Recruitment Agency.

Ratu Epenisa has likewise excused charges of altering the consequences of the meetings.

He has likewise affirmed he got the outcomes and for every one of the situations prior to introducing it to the Management Board who at that point settled on a ultimate choices underwriting Gavoka and Vosarogo.

He adds no other individual was aware of the outcome presented by the meeting board.

He says the main changes to the Management Board before the democratic occurred were Caucus delegates who were endorsed by Leader of Opposition and previous gathering pioneer Sitiveni Rabuka.

Ratu Epenisa hosts approached Gathering individuals and allies to regard the choices that has been made with respect to the nominees.

In the interim, SODELPA MP Salote Radrodro claims they had mentioned for the meeting results be introduced before all Management Board Members by the meeting Chair be that as it may, just Ratu Epenisa saw the outcomes.

Radrodro claims Ratu Epenisa ignored the solicitations and come meeting day last Friday, Ratu Epenisa introduced two names for each position and requested that the Board Members vote.

She says they had needed to scrutinize the individuals who were important for the meeting board to impart to the Board Members the outcomes and question them if need be.

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