In the event that street contract based workers don’t do fills in true to form and potholes open up only weeks or a couple of months after restoration works, they need to either fix the street at their own expense or pay a strong performance bond.

Questions are being raised by numerous drivers on how the Fiji Roads Authority is considering the contract based workers responsible who work on certain streets which wind up breaking or having numerous potholes only weeks after recovery works.

A few instances of this is at Ratu Sukuna Road and Karsanji Street in Suva.

When addressed by Fijivillage, FRA affirmed that helpless workmanship brought about the breaks and potholes in segments of Ratu Sukuna Road and Karsanji Street after its new recovery.

FRA’s Acting CEO Kamal Prasad says they had a choice to request that the temporary worker pay a performance bond yet the contract based worker picked to fix the street.

Prasad says the obligation of $20 million can be discounted by the contractual worker in the event that they neglect to meet their long term contract in the support of the streets they are designated.

He says they have a long term contract with this organization. When addressed in the event that they will in any case get similar temporary worker to fix different streets dependent on the work done on Ratu Sukuna Road, Prasad says this contract based worker has accomplished great work on different streets they have fixed.

He says the upkeep chips away at segments of the streets are relied upon to be finished in three weeks.

Ratu Sukuna Road was done in August 2020 as a feature of FRA’s street restoration work on every now and again voyaged areas in the Central Division yet there were at that point breaks and potholes by November.

-FIji Village
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