Six side of the road merchants that sell vegetables at the Meigunyah Junction along Nadi Back Road are concerned they won’t bring in enough cash to help their families in the event that they are eliminated from their present area and moved to the Nadi or Namaka markets.

Side of the road seller Narend Chand says in the event that they move they won’t have the option to sell their produce on Fridays and Saturdays which are the days they get the most cash-flow.

He says the apportioned space for easygoing sellers at the Nadi and Namaka markets are held for ranchers from towns on Fridays and Saturdays.

Chand adds the two business sectors are additionally a long way from where they are found.

He says the present circumstance isn’t about them keeping away from rivalry on the grounds that regardless of whether they move to the Nadi or Namaka markets, individuals would even now think that its badly arranged to travel that far.

Chand says their present area at the Meigunyah intersection is advantageous for individuals that live close to the zone.

He says in any event at their present area they can acquire around $300 in seven days contrasted with the $150 they make at the Nadi or Namaka markets.

Another side of the road seller Sonika Devi says she lost her position at Nadi Airport in March a year ago and has since been encouraging her mom at the side of the road slow down.

She says her mom has been selling vegetables there for a very long time.

Devi says at the Nadi or Namaka markets, they might be offering a few days per week.

The Minister for Local Government Premila Kumar is encouraging side of the road sellers to enlist for a slow down with the metropolitan chamber as space is accessible for them.

Kumar says most metropolitan chamber markets are vacant they actually have individuals selling on the side of the road.

She says the Namaka Vendors Association has kept in touch with her colloquialism if individuals are selling on the side of the road, they will likewise move to the side of the road.

-Fiji Village
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