Minister for Education, Rosy Akbar says false claims made by SODELPA MP, Ro Teimumu Kepa that there has been a decrease in the boarding award, amongst different things, has disappointed the Minister.

Akbar says on account of RKS, the all-out boarding award for term 1 was $203,702.47, while the term 2 all-out award was $203,704.65. She says in opposition to what Ro Teimumu says, there has been a considerable increase in boarding grants.

The Minister says RKS students appreciate the sound and nutritious meals every day. She says this includes crops that they develop because the Ministry wants to show the youthful ones the estimation of difficult work and give them fundamental abilities to make them self-sustainable, while at the same time, sound.

Akbar says to lie like there is a decrease in food award is both irresponsible and dangerous and Ro Teimumu should have known better, and at any rate, endeavored to understand what she was discussing.

She further says indeed, the boarding award is far in excess of anything that students got under Ro Teimumu Kepa’s residency as Education Minister.

Akbar has also explained that there has been no impedance whatsoever by the Ministry in religious activities and teachings in any school around Fiji, and Ro Teimumu insinuating otherwise is a barefaced endeavor to mislead Fijians.

She says as she plainly told Ro Teimumu in parliament, there is a minister at RKS and at all Government all-inclusive schools, given by the Methodist Church who, in concurrence with the Ministry, is encouraging their wages. The Minister says that if there are staff quarters free, it is made accessible to chaplains.

The Education Minister says they followed a fair treatment in the RKS issue which finished in included students being counseled and set to re-visitation of school in Term 2. She says all student grievances are paid attention to very, however they still must be featured through legitimate channels.

Ro Teimumu Kepa had before said that the ministry expected to direly resolve the impasse.

She said the stance taken by the ministry would additionally escalate the impasse and imperil the fate of the school.

Ro Teimumu had guaranteed the underlying driver of the issue was the inability to respect and maintain the principles and conventional values of the famous school. She also guaranteed that one of the most pressing issues drew out into the open is the decrease in the food spending plan for life experience schools.

The SODELPA MP had also said that spiritual life which includes ordinary faith gatherings by the school cleric, is of extraordinary incentive to students. Ro Teimumu said reducing or meddling with significant components of their everyday program brings disaster and resentment.

Altered by NZ Fiji Times

Image source - Fiji Village
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