It is never past the point where it is possible to get back to the town, utilize the land and transform your fantasy into the real world.

This is key for Tevita Kotoilakeba of Viro Village in Ovalau who found employment elsewhere in the city to turn into a full-time rancher.

Since beginning his homestead in 2014, Kotoilakeba has planted many Yaqona plants on the slopes of Viro and is acquiring a huge number of dollars.

He has likewise put resources into sandalwood cultivating.

“While working at PAFCO, I perceived how town youth put resources into kava cultivating. Furthermore, they can acquire more than $1,000 every week. I was roused by a young part to participate in this action. Consequently, I left work and took up business agribusiness, which is route better compared to working in workplaces and manufacturing plants.”

The 43-year-old says being a rancher requires responsibility and commitment however for jobless youth in metropolitan places, getting back to the town and plowing the land is the best arrangement.

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