The Corrections Centers in Fiji are stuffed by 12% as the affirmed limit is a populace of 2129 anyway there are right now 2379 prisoners in the focuses.

This has been uncovered by the Director Rehabilitation, Salote Panapasa at the Sow a Seed Program today.

Panapasa says out of the complete number of detainees in jail, 571 are between the age of 17 to 25.

She says 474 are remand detainees and 1659 are indicted detainees.

Under the program, six volunteers have approached to coach youthful wrongdoers between the age of 17 to 25 this year to assist them with setting out an extraordinary excursion to plant seeds of expectation when they get once again into the general public subsequent to serving their time.One volunteer is situated in Labasa, one in Lautoka while 4 are in Suva Correction Centers.

Panapasa says the program was presented a year ago when 11 volunteers approached to help.

She says the volunteers will tutor the guilty parties for at any rate two days per week from Monday to Saturday.

Panapasa says through the spending they get $100,000 in each monetary year for restoration programs.

-Fiji Village
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