A novel stage where organizations in Fiji and New Caledonia can exchange with one another has been dispatched by the Minister for Commerce and Trade Faiyaz Koya.

The Fiji-New Caledonia eTrade Expo is a business-business stage focused to the two purchasers and merchants in the two nations.

Koya says the Fijian Government isn’t letting the line terminations hamper the assurance that individuals have as far as making Fiji the ideal venture objective.

He says during this period Fiji has assisted and focused on changes with the goal that it keeps on being a serious and favored exchange and speculation objective.

He adds that he is pleased to say that Fiji is one of the spearheading Pacific countries occupied with such thorough changes to realign and move towards digitalisation.

French Embassy Charge d’ Affaires, Rene Consolo says the contacts started by the two nations will prepare for more noteworthy associations, exchange and exchanges once the pandemic is finished.

Consolo says France invites the activities of the Government of New Caledonia in building more grounded monetary ties inside its area.

Speculation Fiji Chief Executive Officer Craig Strong says a ton of likely exists for organizations in the New Caledonia and Fiji to exchange with one another.

The CEO adds that the exhibition furnishes Fijian organizations with a chance to interface with new business sectors and fabricate vital relations profiting the two nations.

You can look at the Fiji-New Caledonia Trade Expo www.fjnctradeexpo.com

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