The Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission has cautioned Fijians that they will be explored and charged whenever discovered taking part in fraudulent business models.

FCCC Chief Executive, Joel Abraham, says they have gotten reports of even government employees like instructors, nurture, and even legal executive staff running these plans.

Abraham says they are exploring various grumblings, including a report of a medical attendant at the CWM Hospital in Suva.

“I think the Civil Service acts and implicit rules is very clear. You are not to include yourself in criminal operations. In the event that we distinguish is someone who is inside the Civil Service, we will guarantee not just explore the matter and charge the individual concerned yet will likewise inform the specific association to say this specific individual is including themselves in criminal behavior. I accept all businesses in Fiji reserve the option to know whether someone is associated with criminal behavior and working for them.”

The FCCC knows about in excess of 500 fraudulent business models in activity with in excess of 30,000 Fijians included.

Abraham focuses on that fraudulent business models paying little heed to some other mark or name, are illicit and fake.

“With regards to examination, we will explore and charge everyone and it wouldn’t make any difference if you are a government employee.”

The Commission has written to Acting Minister for Civil Service Faiyaz Koya in regards to the matter and they are anticipating an administration proclamation on the matter.

Abraham adds that casualties possibly understand that they’ve been defrauded when they lose cash.

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