The Chairman of the Fiji National Provident Fund, Daksesh Patel says the Fund’s Board will start the way toward finding a substitution for current CEO, Jaoji Koroi at the earliest opportunity, given that the Fund is a significant establishment and the CEO’s post is basic particularly during this period.

Koroi is the new Group CEO for Fijian Holdings Limited viable from March eighth, 2021.

Patel says the FNPF Board is focused on finding a reasonable substitution on merit.

He says while the inclination is to locate a neighborhood competitor, the Board will keep its choices open to guarantee a reasonable and qualified applicant is chosen.

Patel says Koroi is a remarkable leader and this is an extraordinary misfortune for FNPF.

He says FHL is blessed to have Koroi re-going along with them.

The FNPF Chairman says in his ability as Chief Investment Officer, Koroi was instrumental in the recovery of the Fund’s speculations, especially the non-performing resources and furthermore the extension and broadening of the Fund’s venture portfolio.

He says as CEO, Koroi’s solid initiative abilities and premonition has added to the Fund’s general presentation and accomplishments.

The FNPF Board, Management and staff expresses gratitude toward Koroi for his huge commitment and wish him well in his new job.

-Fiji Village
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