EFL Chief Executive Hasmukh Patel says unlicensed circuit repairmen have wired homes by deceptively getting marks from authorized circuit repairmen.

Patel adds their work on occasion ends up being unacceptable and presents more dangers to purchasers.

He has approached authorized temporary workers to quit having an influence in this criminal behavior.

“In the event that an authorized contractual worker is marking in the interest of an illicit contract based worker, clearly we are persuaded that the work has been finished by this authorized contractual worker. Except if somebody comes and reveals to us that no he just marked and there is someone else who came and accomplished the work.”

Patel says unlicensed circuit repairmen bargain the wellbeing of building structure and its inhabitants.

The individuals who realize these individuals are enrolled, electrical temporary workers. They realize who is removing business from them and they have to come and answer to us.”

He adds unlicensed circuit testers are just a burden for the individuals who utilize their administrations.

-FBC News
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