Paris (CNN)Three individuals were killed and one harmed in western France on Wednesday after a man open fire during a conference, national police told CNN.

Police said the thought process is muddled yet there is an expert connection between the shooter – who is likewise harmed – and the organization in Saint-Varent, France, where the occurrence occurred. The town is around 366 kilometers (277 miles) southwest of Paris.

“The occasions happened today in a quarry in Saint-Varent, in the places of business for a material extraction organization,” a representative for the national police said.

“A representative whose status is at present obscure burst into the organization’s regulatory workplaces and went into a room where a conference was occurring.”

The man, who police say was equipped with a handgun, eventually “turned the weapon on himself ” the representative said. “He is presently harmed and was moved to the medical clinic where he is in hazardous condition.”

Thirty officials have been sent to the area of the triple murder and an examination is progressing, as per police.

“What we cannot deny is that it occurred in the work environment and there is an expert connection between the individual who discharged the shots and the organization,” said the police representative.

“He was on a work leave and evidently had been proclaimed unfit to continue working. We don’t know precisely for what reason. This may have been a factor in the occasions, this is an intriguing lead, however we stay open to all choices,” she said.

“For all we know, it could be identified with an affection relationship, or it could be a demonstration of franticness identified with a destabilized person.”

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