The pressing factor is on the Coca Cola Games shielding young lady’s boss Adi Cakobau School heading into the Zone meet and the Fiji Finals.

Just a small bunch of competitors from the 2019 winning group are still with the school as some have proceeded onward for additional investigations.

Games Coach, Antonio Rabualiku, says the onus is on the more youthful competitors to exhibit their latent capacity.

Notwithstanding, he says this is a test as the vast majority of them have not experienced public level rivalry.

“The thing is we have our youngsters and sub-youngsters that haven’t run in the Coca Cola games in whenever due to the pandemic a year ago and this year ought to be the first run through for them. Thus, this is a major test for us to ensure they venture up to the level that we anticipate that they should be.”

The school held its between house meet over the course of the end of the week and have recognized their competitors for the Triple N zone.

Rabualiku says they will approach slowly and carefully, zeroing in on safeguarding their zone title prior to going concentration to the Fiji Finals.

-FB CNews
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