NZ Fiji Times 5th Anniversary


Denise Lee and Mrs. Rizwana Ali Cutting the Anniversary cake

2018 was special for us: NZ Fiji times was celebrating 5 years of Business Success in Auckland. Innovation is part of our story. Advising our clients, we have always applied value-adding innovative ideas combined with up-to-date operational methodologies. Our team has worked consistently this whole time to achieve our fundamental goal – becoming the Standard of excellence in the market.

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Chief Guest Michael Wood, Congratulating everyone on the 5th Anniversary

Michael Wood (Labour MP for Mt Roskill, Senior Whip) congratulating everyone on the 5th anniversary of NZ Fiji Times. Celebrating your corporate anniversary is one of the better ways to communicate your experience and reliability without having to say “look how experienced and reliable we are”. With the right aptitude, sacrifice, patience, determination and perseverance – the Impossible can become Possible, and this, as long as you believe in and enjoy what you do!!


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