Modern Saints College is depending on their brilliant young lady Sereana Vulaono in the forthcoming Coca-Cola Games in April.

Vulaono was essential for the schools interhouse rivalry today contending in the middle young ladies’ evaluation at ANZ Stadium in Suva.

Missing the mark in the 2019 Coca-Cola games, 16-year-old Vulaono has focused on getting her first gold award at the Fiji Finals.

The runner completed second in the lesser young ladies 100m occasion in 2019, behind Saint Joseph and accepts she has the abilities to improve in April.I need to put forth a valiant effort, not inclination overpowered that I could start things out yet I simply needed to attempt to get a decent time in the cokes”

The Matuku, Lau girl is the little girl of previous Fiji 7s rep Jonetani Vulaono, and accepts the help from her family is causing her in arrangements.

“My principle ally would be my folks and furthermore my mentor Bola Tafo’ou who has been pushing me during preparing to arrive at my maximum capacity and furthermore my father for encouraging me all through the challenges I’d confronted”

Timing a period of 12.71 seconds contrasted with 12.83 in 2019 Vulaono is satisfied with her advancement.

300 understudies of LDS School took part today at their yearly interhouse the school is preparing for the zone meet on March seventeenth.

-FBC news
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