As Fiji plans to praise its 50th year of Independence, previous clergyman, radio character and extremist Bernadette Rounds Ganilau says she obviously recalls the feeling of inspiration and fervor that radiated all through the new republic.

She says the autonomy from British Colonial principle in 1970 was an exceptionally irresistible great time for the individuals of Fiji.

“It was electric, it was magnificent, it was a great festival since we were emerging from the frontier time into freedom, I mean none of us comprehended what autonomy felt like so it was a totally different change in outlook for us at that point. I adored the time, I was youthful and everything was dynamic.”

The previous radio character says festivities went on for a considerable length of time and all Fijians were upbeat.

As per Ganilau, senior chiefs in government, common help and networks all felt a similar elation of having the option to diagram their own fate.

“This continued for a long time on the grounds that new things were being found day by day. Ranchers acknowledged what they can do with their territory and the help that they would get in light of the fact that we were another country. Thus the sugar ranchers were rulers in those occasions, back then. At the point when the festivals, and the yaqona services and when all the authorities returned to the United Kingdom, there was as yet that flawless underline feeling that we were presently bosses of our universe.”

Having been just 19 years of age at that point, Ganilau says she despite everything feels a feeling of pride each time she recollects 1970.

Altered by NZ Fiji Times

Image source - FBC News
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