The Fiji Commerce Commission is now carrying out an investigation in relation to the cost of dialysis treatment.

Chief Executive Joel Abraham says they received two complaints last year and one this year which are under investigation.

Abraham says they are looking into various aspects of the treatment.

“The cost of injections, the cost of dialysis, the cost of treatment per say, so we looking at is what is the breakdown, what is the composition of getting the said treatment because what we understand is that at least the injection that is used in the dialysis treatment, when we looked into the price control list in 2011, that was part of the price control list so we are looking at it from both the complaint angle and price control on the pharmaceutical area as well.”

Kidney Foundation of Fiji which was the first dialysis center in the country, charges two hundred and fifty dollars for treatment per session.

President, Dewan Chand Maharaj claims Fiji has the cheapest dialysis treatment.

“We are charitable organization, we are not supported by the government. If the tax payers are asking for the reduction, they should talk to the government.”

Meanwhile the Ministry of Health is also expected to reveal their plans soon to make dialysis treatment affordable.


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